Thursday Oct 16 09:28am
Thursday Oct 16 09:27am

"You’re My Excuse to Travel" -Baths (Japan + iPhone 6)

Thursday Oct 16 09:13am

This song is dedicated to the power of heart… Listen to the Bolero of fire

Wednesday Oct 15 05:36pm


is your heart supposed to pound for ten minutes straight after you answer one question in class

Wednesday Oct 15 04:49pm


Smooth move, kid. Showing up on Category Day.

Wednesday Oct 15 04:27pm



Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

Wednesday Oct 15 10:19am
Wednesday Oct 15 10:15am
Wednesday Oct 15 10:06am
Tuesday Oct 14 11:28pm
Tuesday Oct 14 09:01pm
Tuesday Oct 14 08:53pm

I feel like I’m going crazy.

Tuesday Oct 14 03:20pm

Tuesday Oct 14 03:19pm

I just want you.♥ |x|

Tuesday Oct 14 03:16pm